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Musings: When KISSing is Good @ Work

As I get my fill of reality TV tonight (the SPFX shoot out Face Off on SyFy, and the culinary chopping block that is Bravo’s Top Chef), I am reminded of a very important lesson. Sometimes, professionally speaking, KISSing is good in the workplace.

I don’t mean a smooch on the lips, but the old saw that advises “keep it simple, stupid.”

When you’re on deadline and time is about to run out, try not to overreach. It you’re not able to get every element of your project fully realized – regardless of your creative field – then you at least need to present a straightforward idea that is well executed. Believe me, if an extension is not possible, aiming high and failing completely is not always admirable (there are rare occasions when this may be all right, but the fates won’t usually open up and tell you when these rare occasions happen to be occuring – and you’ll just end up with an upset client instead).

Simple elegance by a confident hand is a timeless hallmark of any true craftsperson.

Something to remember next time you’re “in the weeds,” as they say (usually under duress) on Top Chef.


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