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Ideas: Coming Up with On-Trend Yet Unique Projects

Being creative is difficult when ideas have to be generated on a consistent basis. Although I work best on deadline (not having a firm one only brings out the procrastinator in me!), I am not a machine that can churn out genius on a stick every day. I also generally don’t like to see what others are doing while I’m creating, because A) coming up with my own inspiration is extremely important to me and B) I don’t want to be either subtly or overtly influenced by someone else’s aesthetic.

One of the best ways I consistently dish out distinctive but on-trend projects is to see what’s happening in one field, then apply it to my particular project in another field. Paper crafting begets sewing projects, fashion styling influences a new recipe’s look, multiple magazine articles serve as the starting point for a script, etc. Music, in fact, is my greatest source of inspiration because it allows me to tap into emotions, and see finished products in my head (bizarre but true).

Try it out. Find inspiration that can be applied elsewhere. It’s very effective!

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