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Events: Road to California Quilter’s Conference, Jan. 19 – 22, 2012

Today marked the beginning of the Road to California Quilter’s Conference in Ontario, California. I’m not a quilter per se (I consider myself more of a mixed media artist when it comes to this discipline), but I really enjoy events such as this for unexpected discoveries. As a journalist *and* artist, I am curious about practically anything creative, and I’m one of those life-long learner types that seeks out new ways of thinking.

This is a show where you can find tools, material, wool roving, and other creative necessities that can give depth to your work and only make it better. It’s great to be exposed to interests outside of your sphere of knowledge: oftentimes it’ll lead you to new and exciting crafty pursuits. Although I’ll spend more time driving to the event than actually attending it, classes I wish I didn’t have to miss include the “thread doctor” technical discussion, and the thread painting instructional lecture. Perfecting your skill set helps open you up to more challenging projects – which helps keep things fresh and avoids derivative work.

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