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Paris Theme Craft Detail


Just a little bit of Eiffel imagery.

Photo taken by Stephanie Garrison @CHA Anaheim 2013.


Rows of Possibility

Rows of Possibility

I get inspired just looking at thread. Don’t judge!

Photo taken by Stephanie Garrison.

A Succint Meditation on Power

“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”

This quote, attributed to Abraham Lincoln, kind of explains why I have never found fulfillment working in a traditional office setting. Most of us are capable of it, but if you have an artistic nature, it doesn’t usually gel with our personality or temperament.

That’s probably why employees try to express their individuality with renegade cubicle decor (…0.0…1ac.1.fytAWbTzXFI#hl=en&tbo=d&site=imghp&tbm=isch&sa=1&q=cubicle+decoration+ideas&oq=cubicle+decorat&gs_l=img.1.2.0l10.25476.26005.0.28194.…0.0…1c.1.sSHlFHULPug&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&bvm=bv.41524429,d.b2I&fp=e200120e98f4ec01&biw=1576&bih=821).

Freelancing has always worked out better for me: I can work on projects that are of personal interest, that matter or have some intrinsic value. Sometimes it’s financially rewarding, sometimes not.

This article in Yahoo news only confirms that, for me, I made the right choice: (

“Be You.”

Happy crafting artwork at the Canvas Corp Booth earlier this month @CHA2013 in Anaheim, CA.

Photo taken by Stephanie Garrison.

Don’t Stop Believin’

Don't Stop Believin'

Guerilla knitting at it’s (sub)urban finest.

Photo taken by Stephanie Garrison in BayHo San Diego, Spring 2012.

Being Creative On Other People’s Terms

I was at a scrapbooking/mixed media indie store today, Ever After Scrapbooks ( One of the things they were advertising was the “12 Tags of 2013” challenge that Tim Holtz, a crafting industry designer, has launched (

For fits and giggles, I think I’ll participate in the exercise to make one artistic tag a month. There are restrictions, and it’s going to be interesting to see how I maneuver around them.

If you’re ever looking to stretch your creativity, get inspired by undertaking someone else’s project/quest/vision/class. You’ll find your creative vocabulary might have new answers if someone else is asking all the questions.

“I Am Not Young Enough to Know Everything.”

Wisdom from the Irish master himself, Oscar Wilde. (

Paper, Flower, Glitter

Paper, Flower, Glitter

Glam paper flora.

More glitter on flowers. I know it’s really girly, but I love the glimmer of this picture. Reminds me of some of the shimmer in certain Ellen von Unwerth photography.

All automatic settings.

Photo by Stephanie Garrison @CHA 2013, Anaheim, CA.

Dark Texture

Dark Texture

I have a bit of a thing for photos of indiscriminate texture.

Photo taken by Stephanie Garrison @CHA 2013 in Anaheim, CA.

It Was 40 Years Ago Today…

It Was 40 Years Ago Today...

“Life begins at 40.” Or, at least, life can improve @40 if you “make it so.”

JEG & BEG, without you I’m nothing. Love you. OLH, you are the future and the dearest thing in my life – love you, too.

Photography by Stephanie Garrison. Card by ( Image taken at CHA 2013, Anaheim, CA.

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