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Time for World Design Domination in 2013 (Or, Getting a Few Projects Done Between Snack Breaks)

Happy New Year!

Where it all starts - with a blank canvas.

Where it all starts – with a blank canvas.

A year ago, I started this blog, in stealth mode, for several reasons. When you’re blogging, the benefits include:

-legitimizing your artistic voice
-harnessing disparate creative energies
-organizing a variety of projects
-exposing your art to others
-meeting kindred spirits

…and that’s only a few of the many upsides. Of course, not everyone’s going to love what you do. Haters gonna hate and all that.

In terms of my goals, I avoided hard and fast deadlines in 2012 – I shouldn’t have on some, and should have on others. Sometimes having a finite end to things is important to move your artistic achievements forward. At other times, it feels like you’re stuck back in school. For the record, I generally did well academically, but disliked intensely the sense that the deadlines didn’t ever truly end until I graduated from university with my bachelor’s degree in journalism. Some people flove being a perpetual student – I don’t, at least in an academic setting. I still take courses all the time to learn, but while I strive for high marks, they don’t count now – the learning does. And my personality type needs that kind of breathing room, apparently. It would be accurate to describe me as a lifelong student of learning – the day I stop discovering something new scares me, since that means I’ll probably have “shuffled off this mortal coil” (

But since what I want to accomplish is what I also wish to do (ie. I don’t work in a corporate office setting), it never hurts to pick up the pace. Frankly, what I do is inextricably linked with who I am – and want to be. Without my accomplishments I am nothing.

This was my initial list of goals for 2012:

-introduce my creative self and creative brand to new businesses, clients, followers and friends

-organize my on-line presence so it doesn’t overwhelm the greater needs of my creative workload

-finish some of the book proposals I have in various stages of progress

-secure a book contract for at least one proposal

-explore the possibility of self-publishing on-line

-create an inspiring new office space and solve my tool/material storage needs

-firmly establish the product line that’s been in my head but not in the marketplace

-attend more conferences and perhaps a retreat

-file more stories than last year

-challenge myself to creating an APP, to push my mind’s cognitive abilities

-create a fibre-based pop art exhibit

-expand my personal and professional circles: find other like-minded individuals and businesses to connect with

-have fun, dream big, and move forward on several of my creative business endeavors

Some balls have definitely started rolling – others still need an initial nudge (hopefully down, and not up-hill like Sissyphus (

I’ll need to revisit this list throughout the year as the need arises.

What are your goals for 2013? Do you have a clear sense of how to accomplish them or are there stumbling blocks that you’re facing? Let’s face them together.

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