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Are ‘Friends’ Electric?

We can thank electronic music pioneer Gary Numan ( for that question, which in the face of the Internets can be answered with a big yes.

I’ve been meaning to upgrade my on-line presence, stumbling due to two reasons. First, I am not into the Orwellian ( watchfulness of ‘net programming (facial recognition software, anyone?), and second, it’s hard to keep original content rolling when you’re a one-person operation.

So, I’m planning to blog about my plans for “digital domination, on a polite scale.”

Today’s action was to put a little fire under the burner of my Twitter account. I’ve been keeping it on the down low, just posting to create a history for myself, and still managed to have three followers (bless them!). So this afternoon I decided to start following some of my favourite (yep, born Canadian spelling) musicians. Then I added a bunch of social media/tech sites.

To paraphrase Lao-tzu, “a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.” So I better start steppin’ something fierce!

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