Decoding contemporary art and hand-crafting matters.

“I have lots of ideas to goose things up!”

I have an ongoing quest in 2013 to get more design presence in my online dealings. See, I share something in common with Olive Neal, the Oscar-nominated character (for Best Supporting Actress) that Jennifer Tilly memorably brought to life in Bullets Over Broadway ( Olive had “lots of ideas to goose things up.”

Today I uploaded over 1,000 photographs that I recently took at CHA 2013 in Anaheim ( My camera’s images are high-resolution, so they take up a lot of space. I quickly picked a couple for my blog’s background and header, which up until now was just a maroon colour.  The pics may change soon – or not – depending upon my satisfaction. But at least things are infinitely more visual.

If you are like me, and still using a dedicated camera for the majority of your online images (for reasons of aesthetic quality), then it’s inevitable that:

-the most efficient way to store photographs will need to be determined

-the art of compressing images will be essential for storage and sending files

-a file system must be established to tame the image inventory

I’ll have to get on that.

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