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The Disneyland Fireworks in Anaheim, CA. Seen from a distance.

Photo taken by Stephanie Garison in Anaheim, CA.


Don’t Stop Believin’

Don't Stop Believin'

Guerilla knitting at it’s (sub)urban finest.

Photo taken by Stephanie Garrison in BayHo San Diego, Spring 2012.

Some Feathered Inspiration

Colour inspiration from nature itself.

Colour inspiration from nature itself.

Because I’m such a tone-on-tone afficionado (usually, I think this combination of colour values looks most luxurious), it’s hard for me to break out of my box of “standard preferences.”

That’s why shots of nature – be it animals, terrain or sky – can be so helpful to me. Many great artists and designers have always believed that if it can be found in nature, then it’s fair game to use for a project palette. Who am I to disagree with centuries of insight?

I took this picture at the San Diego Zoo on Christmas Day. Thought it was an inspiring image of colours I don’t normally work with, but could do so with some guidance from a peacock!

Vintage & Antique Buttons Rock

Today I went to the bi-annual artist shindig Glitterfest in Santa Ana, California, where I often purchase vintage buttons – among other artsy materials. In honor of my new stash, I penned a somewhat poorly-conceived and rule-challenged Haiku:

Vintage button rack

Charming samples I shall buy and

Craft new finery.

Let’s hear it for artistic gatherings, fests, retreats and other creatively-bent events. They allow us to source unique and personally meaningful materials for our own projects!

Happy National Crafting Month!

March is National Crafting Month! Each year, businesses both large and small in the creative community get involved with special projects, make-and-takes, tutorials – even sales promotions. It’s a great time to learn a new hobby and expand your artistic skill set. Perhaps you’d like the challenge of knitting a gorgeous scarf with yummy yarn, or tackling a tote with some newly-learned sewing skills. Cooking, woodworking, jewelry design… do a quick online search and find a pattern that strikes your fancy. Then research whether a teacher or a specialty shop can help start you on your journey (books are great, but personalized instruction can lower the frustration of a learning curve). Have a blast and good luck!

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