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Sucess! (In Small Measures…)

So, only because it’s still fresh in my mind, I’d like to note how happy I am that an online crafting article can pick up steam (while being surrounded by “sexier” content like references to currently-hot pop culture TV shows, Fashion Week and viral cat memes).

My BuzzFeed article, “21 Things You’ll Find At An Enormous Craft Fair” – not my headline but there you go – ( hasn’t done too badly at all for a writer that is currently unknown to the BuzzFeed core readership, about a topic that only about 50% of Americans are stated to pursue. (And shouldn’t crafting have a much higher percentage than that?)

I did reach out via e-mail and Twitter to the companies covered in this article. I also did reach out to the local indie craft stores that I’m a customer at, industry professionals that I personally know (and some that I personally don’t!), as well as other creative and business luminaries in the field.

The result? Encouragement, positive vibes, page hits reactions, re-tweets, re-pins, and a bit of a moment on Facebook. So yay – crafting got some mainstream love. I also got a couple of nice thank-yous from some of the firms I featured. As a freelance journalist (I am also a designer myself, educator and a few other hyphenates – but I had no personal stake in this piece and no professional relationship to anyone in it), it’s great when the feedback is 99.9% positive. One person did put a BuzzFeed “fail” button on my post, but there’s always gonna be haters!

So, lessons learned? When you have a legitimate reason to contact others in a way that can help them too (without spending money, I’m talking more about the exchange of information here), be bold and do it. They might stop and take note.

Next step: putting a personality to my activated yet dormant Facebook company profile; also, join Pinterest and LinkedIn (don’t judge; I need to be writing more than I need to be doing stuff online, ideally!). Woot!


“I have lots of ideas to goose things up!”

I have an ongoing quest in 2013 to get more design presence in my online dealings. See, I share something in common with Olive Neal, the Oscar-nominated character (for Best Supporting Actress) that Jennifer Tilly memorably brought to life in Bullets Over Broadway ( Olive had “lots of ideas to goose things up.”

Today I uploaded over 1,000 photographs that I recently took at CHA 2013 in Anaheim ( My camera’s images are high-resolution, so they take up a lot of space. I quickly picked a couple for my blog’s background and header, which up until now was just a maroon colour.  The pics may change soon – or not – depending upon my satisfaction. But at least things are infinitely more visual.

If you are like me, and still using a dedicated camera for the majority of your online images (for reasons of aesthetic quality), then it’s inevitable that:

-the most efficient way to store photographs will need to be determined

-the art of compressing images will be essential for storage and sending files

-a file system must be established to tame the image inventory

I’ll have to get on that.

Are ‘Friends’ Electric?

We can thank electronic music pioneer Gary Numan ( for that question, which in the face of the Internets can be answered with a big yes.

I’ve been meaning to upgrade my on-line presence, stumbling due to two reasons. First, I am not into the Orwellian ( watchfulness of ‘net programming (facial recognition software, anyone?), and second, it’s hard to keep original content rolling when you’re a one-person operation.

So, I’m planning to blog about my plans for “digital domination, on a polite scale.”

Today’s action was to put a little fire under the burner of my Twitter account. I’ve been keeping it on the down low, just posting to create a history for myself, and still managed to have three followers (bless them!). So this afternoon I decided to start following some of my favourite (yep, born Canadian spelling) musicians. Then I added a bunch of social media/tech sites.

To paraphrase Lao-tzu, “a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.” So I better start steppin’ something fierce!

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