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Darling Doll, Sweetly Stitched

Darling Doll, Sweetly Stitched

An adorable addition to the Anna Griffin booth.

Photo by Stephanie Garrison. Image taken during CHA2012 in Anaheim, CA.


Decorative Stitching Detail.

Decorative Stitching Detail.

I took this close-up (among many others) to capture the technique of stitching over specialized yarn with decorative sewing machine thread. Not a difficult skill, but time consuming.

Photo by Stephanie Garrison.

The Challenge: Fabric and Thread Only

Today I’m starting the challenge of designing a home dec accessory, using only fabric and thread to create interest.

Although I have several types of sewing machines that I work with, not everyone out there is as thoroughly entrenched in the art of sewing as I am. So I wanted to see if I could work something out that could be replicated by others, using a simple machine with a few decorative stitches – no fancy embroidery or serging needed. There’s a myriad of ways to create interest in a piece: through different layers, fabrics, thread colors, even stitch designs. It just takes planning.

To be continued… I’ll post my results when I’m done.

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