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Sucess! (In Small Measures…)

So, only because it’s still fresh in my mind, I’d like to note how happy I am that an online crafting article can pick up steam (while being surrounded by “sexier” content like references to currently-hot pop culture TV shows, Fashion Week and viral cat memes).

My BuzzFeed article, “21 Things You’ll Find At An Enormous Craft Fair” – not my headline but there you go – ( hasn’t done too badly at all for a writer that is currently unknown to the BuzzFeed core readership, about a topic that only about 50% of Americans are stated to pursue. (And shouldn’t crafting have a much higher percentage than that?)

I did reach out via e-mail and Twitter to the companies covered in this article. I also did reach out to the local indie craft stores that I’m a customer at, industry professionals that I personally know (and some that I personally don’t!), as well as other creative and business luminaries in the field.

The result? Encouragement, positive vibes, page hits reactions, re-tweets, re-pins, and a bit of a moment on Facebook. So yay – crafting got some mainstream love. I also got a couple of nice thank-yous from some of the firms I featured. As a freelance journalist (I am also a designer myself, educator and a few other hyphenates – but I had no personal stake in this piece and no professional relationship to anyone in it), it’s great when the feedback is 99.9% positive. One person did put a BuzzFeed “fail” button on my post, but there’s always gonna be haters!

So, lessons learned? When you have a legitimate reason to contact others in a way that can help them too (without spending money, I’m talking more about the exchange of information here), be bold and do it. They might stop and take note.

Next step: putting a personality to my activated yet dormant Facebook company profile; also, join Pinterest and LinkedIn (don’t judge; I need to be writing more than I need to be doing stuff online, ideally!). Woot!


Article In BuzzFeed Today!

Article In BuzzFeed Today!

Hey! My photo essay (with captions) covering the 2013 Craft & Hobby Association Winter Conference & Trade Show dropped in today’s BuzzFeed Shift section. Woot! It was fun to do – time-consuming, but fun.

Photo by Stephanie Garrison. Image taken at the Pebbles Inc. booth during CHA2013 in Anaheim, CA.

The National NeedleArts 2013 Winter Trade Show

Adding to my calendar: the National NeedleArts 2013 Winter Trade Show, taking place February 2 to 4 in Long Beach, CA at the Convention Center. The education for this conference started on January 31, however.

Why some people blow off the educational seminars at conferences, I’ll never know. Many organizations do feature the ability to get footage of speakers (usually available after the event, for a fee), but why not attend a session? You’ll meet other industry professionals with like-minded concerns, which is almost like targeted dating for the business set. It hooks you up with people you’re more likely to be interested in. Saves time.

ISS Long Beach

US Blanks: products made in the USA.

US Blanks: products made in the USA.

The made-in-the-USA brand US Blanks at ISS Long Beach

The made-in-the-USA brand US Blanks at ISS Long Beach

Headed to Long Beach today to run the floor of the last day of ISS. The Imprinted Sportswear Show ( is where firms can find the latest machines and clothing/accessory blanks for their print and embroidery business. There are four more shows this year in Atlantic City, Orlando, Las Vegas and Forth Worth. Fridays have the most free sample giveaways, if you ever plan on going. I prefer Sundays because I can actually talk to vendors.

Think about what you want to do whenever you’re at a trade show: if you want the goodies, show up early. If you want information and connections, show up when times are less hectic. You’ll get a better ROI on your time.

Sometimes it’s Preferable to…

…stay in a hotel at a moderately local conference, instead of doing a daily commute. You have an infinitely reduced chance of appearing as though you are a zombie when others meet with you professionally. This is to be avoided at all costs. Shame I can’t follow my own advice.

CHA Coverage: Day One Brief

Today was the first day of the Craft & Hobby Association 2012 Winter Conference & Trade Show. It was an education day with two streams: business seminars and manufacturer/designer workshops. I attended all the business seminars; heard a lot about blogging, building bridges, legal issues and even some product development. There was a host of fabulous manufacturer-sponsored workshops with designers teaching. I hated to miss them but the business talks are always important information, and I prefer to these events in person. There was also the Innovations Sneak Peek Media & Buyer event. Saw some great new products – a few that really blew my mind. More to follow…

CHA Winter Conference 2012

Heading to the Craft & Hobby Association Winter 2012 Conference & Trade Show in Anaheim, CA. Will be there from Saturday to Wednesday. Hope to get an information and inspiration overload – maybe do some business, too. And take a bunch of seminars. And meet great, passionate craft and design professionals. And crash a few parties. And…

Brainstorming: Prepping for a Quick Meeting with Potential Contacts

When preparing to meet with new potential clients, business partners, design professionals and their ilk, take time out while researching them to devise a list of questions that they can answer. It doesn’t need to be long (if you’re a natural conversationalist), but open ended questions – ones that can’t be answered with a simple “yes/no” reply, could lead the conversation into new and interesting directions.

Ask them about plans for the upcoming year, what their biggest professional successes were in the past year, and what challenges they may be facing next. The more you find out about them, the better insight you’ll have into the company – and the clearer the picture will be of whether or not they are right to partner with.

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