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Darling Doll, Sweetly Stitched

Darling Doll, Sweetly Stitched

An adorable addition to the Anna Griffin booth.

Photo by Stephanie Garrison. Image taken during CHA2012 in Anaheim, CA.


Stitching Sisters Education Seminar.

Stitching Sisters Education Seminar.

Eileen Roche, one half of the Stitching Sisters duo and Editor of Designs in Machine Embroidery Magazine, gives a presentation during the Stitching Sisters weekend hands-on education event in San Marcos, CA.

Photograph by Stephanie Garrison.


Stitching Sisters Are Live!

Stitching Sisters Are Live!

Eileen Roche, Editor of Designs in Machine Embroidery Magazine (, and sister Marie Zinno, author of Machine Embroidery for Babies & Tots, photographed today in San Marcos, CA.

They appeared courtesy of Sewing Machine Plus ( for a two-day machine embroidery hands-on education event.

Photo by Stephanie Garrison.

Decorative Stitching Detail.

Decorative Stitching Detail.

I took this close-up (among many others) to capture the technique of stitching over specialized yarn with decorative sewing machine thread. Not a difficult skill, but time consuming.

Photo by Stephanie Garrison.

Rows of Possibility

Rows of Possibility

I get inspired just looking at thread. Don’t judge!

Photo taken by Stephanie Garrison.

When Buying Your Fave Mag @ the Store…

…don’t forget to check out their web-site! So many specialty magazines have an online presence with different, related content that couldn’t fit in the publication’s page allotment. Often, this information is more newsy or timely in nature, features free projects/demos/tutorials, and usually posts comments from readers. I always love to read these posts, because they are opinionated (“I tried this out and it didn’t work!”), analytical (“It won’t work if you don’t do this first!”) and time-saving (“Don’t bother with this – here’s a link to a better option for you!”).

When I Must Finish a Tedious Project…

…I simply kick back with some reality TV and power through it. Why not something a little more high-brow (like National Geographic Channel or it’s ilk)? Because then I’d want to watch and learn something. Figure out what your “white noise” is (if you don’t need complete silence) and, to quote Tim Gunn, “make it work.” Whether it’s music, old movies, or even a table fan, having background sound can give momentum to repetitive or uninteresting tasks.

Quick Tip: When You Need Your Stitches to Disappear…

…use silk thread to sew with. It is pricier than cotton, polyester or rayon, but it has a wonderful stitch quality.

The Challenge: Fabric and Thread Only

Today I’m starting the challenge of designing a home dec accessory, using only fabric and thread to create interest.

Although I have several types of sewing machines that I work with, not everyone out there is as thoroughly entrenched in the art of sewing as I am. So I wanted to see if I could work something out that could be replicated by others, using a simple machine with a few decorative stitches – no fancy embroidery or serging needed. There’s a myriad of ways to create interest in a piece: through different layers, fabrics, thread colors, even stitch designs. It just takes planning.

To be continued… I’ll post my results when I’m done.

The Challenge: Building a Better Dress Form Silhouette

While driving home tonight, I was mulling around in my head how to design a better dress form for larger, hard-to-fit female figures. I know there are solutions out there, but this is for chicks who want to jerry-rig something in their own workspace using what supplies they already have.

Recently, I bought a vintage sewing book that featured a picture of an ancient contraption to solve this precise problem.

I plan on engineering my own solution for the home sewer. To be continued…

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